We are wondering: How could technology help keep women in South Sudan safe from attackers while gathering supplies?

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Ethical PeaceTech at Build Peace

We’re stoked to be heading back to Build Peace on Friday. We’ve been hard at work since we first introduced JustPeace Labs and our vision for inclusive peacebuilding through DIY mobile phone apps.

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Build Peace 2015: Where to from here?

We’ve finally had a moment to collect our thoughts after a stimulating weekend in Cyprus at the Build Peace 2015 conference.

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Check us out at Build Peace 2015!

On Sunday, April 25, 2015, Jennifer Easterday will be presenting at the Build Peace 2015 conference in Nicosia, Cyprus. She will be presenting our core project, Web-Based Tooling for Peacebuilders.

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Tooling for Empowerment

There is an increasingly well-recognized and vivid need among peacebuilders for increased access to technological tools that can advance their efforts.

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JustPeace Labs works with peacebuilders using technology for peace to:

  • Improve access to easy-to-use software.
  • Enhance capacity to build customized apps.
  • Ensure an ethical and secure approach.

We Offer

Technical assistance. We help peacebuilders easily create customized and targeted mobile apps.

Ethics and Security. We help ensure ethical and secure approaches to tech in post-conflict situations.

Capacity-building. We work with peacebuilders on incorporating technology into their work, from design to deployment.

Research. We offer research and advice to peacebuilders, policymakers and and public and private organizations.

Mission & Vision

JustPeace Labs aims to empower local communities to be active participants in creating lasting just peace through the use of technology.

We help peacebuilders ensure that their work is context-relevant, supports local ownership, reduces corruption and facilitates transparency.