Technology Development Lab

We develop custom technological solutions and tools for organizations operating in high-risk settings or working on peace and human rights projects.

Our software development is based on a user-cantered design approach and utilizes the latest privacy and security technologies.

Comprehensive “trustless” digital evidence preservation.



Veritas is a comprehensive “trustless” approach for capturing, storing and preserving digital evidence.

Innovative security. Veritas uses a peer-to-peer distributed cryptographic system for storing evidence metadata on the blockchain.

Total control. Users can encrypt their evidence metadata on the blockchain using our app, bot or website. It’s encrypted wherever it’s stored—on a server, on the phone, on a thumb drive.

Improved reliability. The blockchain provides indisputable authentication and mathematical proof of chain of custody from the moment it is registered.

Simplicity. Simple and easy to use, there’s no need for new tools, apps, or investigative protocols.

Secure, easy-to-use incident reporting.



HateTracker is a secure PWA application to report hate incidents people experience or witness. HateTracker enables law enforcement, social justice organizations and the media to identify when, where and how hate incidents are being committed. It is easily customizable to address the needs of different communities, organizations, and languages.

Web-based. HateTracker works on any phone, any platform.

Secure. Data is private and encrypted according to the highest security standards.

Evidence-gathering. Users can upload video or photo evidence of hate crimes.

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Early warning, early response app for combating community violence in Myanmar.



JustPeace Labs, contributing to the BuildUp Fellowship program, built a custom app for the Center for Diversity and National Harmony (CDNH) to enable their local network of community monitors to report and verify rumors related to communal tensions.

It is hoped that the app will help increase the number of early warning reports received by CDNH and improve communication with its local network while fostering stronger connections and a greater sense of ownership among them. In response to their reports, CDNH will verify or debunk rumors and provide those updates back to the local networks, who can in turn disseminate accurate information among their communities.