About JustPeace Labs

JustPeace Labs (JPL), a women-founded and lead 501(c)(3) organization, advocates for and supports the responsible use and deployment of emerging technologies in high-risk settings—communities experiencing conflict, transitioning from conflict or enduring systematic human rights abuses.

What we believe in

Our Vision

Our work is grounded in the vision of a world where technology is used for good, and its unintended negative consequences are minimized. We believe that all organizations, whether private or public, that use or introduce tech in high-risk contexts have a responsibility to do so ethically and in a way that respects human rights.

We apply a multifaceted approach to realize our vision for responsible technology:

  1. Ethics guidance and leadership;
  2. Strategic support for responsible technology initiatives;
  3. Developing custom technological innovations.

Our work directly contributes to achieving SDG 16.

Advancing ethical, rights-aware technology.


Our Team

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jennifer Easterday

Jennifer is a technology and human rights specialist.

She is an attorney with expertise in human rights law, international criminal law  and peacebuilding. Her work with NGOs and international tribunals focuses on strengthening international responses to armed conflict and mass human rights abuses in Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Co-Founder and CTO

Sergi Mansilla

Sergi is a software developer passionate about using tech for good.

In the past, he helped build products used by millions of people, such as TomTom devices, the Cloud9 IDE, or mobile technologies for the developing world along with Mozilla. He’s recently written a book about Reactive Programming and is an expert in cutting-edge tech tools.

Strategy Director

Hana Ivanhoe

Hana is an expert in business and human rights.

She is an attorney with advocacy and policy expertise in international development, corporate accountability and anti-corruption. A lecturer at Berkeley Law (University of California, Berkeley), she teaches Introduction to Legal Scholarship and a series of writing seminars.


Our Partners & Supporters