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Build Peace 2015: Where to from here?

We’ve finally had a moment to collect our thoughts after a stimulating weekend in Cyprus at the Build Peace 2015 conference. We were blown away by the enthusiasm of conference participants and the wealth of expertise and ideas being shared! We were also left with a number of burning questions…

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Check us out at Build Peace 2015!

On Sunday, April 25, 2015, Jennifer Easterday will be presenting at the Build Peace 2015 conference in Nicosia, Cyprus. She will be presenting our core project, Web-Based Tooling for Peacebuilders.

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Tooling for Empowerment

There is an increasingly well-recognized and vivid need among peacebuilders for increased access to technological tools that can advance their efforts. However, peacebuilders across sectors are confronted by resource, time, and capacity constraints that often make it difficult or impossible to efficiently use technological tools in their program design, implementation, and analysis.

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JustPeace Labs supports the adoption of technology tools by peacebuilders working in post-conflict situations.

Our innovative tools and software help peacebuilders undertake more context-relevant peacebuilding programs that facilitate meaningful participation of affected communities, local ownership and inclusion, and broad access. We assist peacebuilders in empowering local communities to be active participants in creating lasting just peace.

Challenges to using technology in peacebuilding include ethics, access and capacity. We aim to overcome these challenges through our holistic, open approach. In particular, we hope to contribute to the following outcomes:

  1. An ethical and secure approach to using technology in peacebuilding.
  2. Improving peacebuilders’ access to technological tools, focusing on easy-to-use and open-source software.
  3. Enhancing technological literacy and capacity to build and use tools for just and sustainable peace.

What We Do

Tooling. We utilize the latest advances in computer science to develop robust, user-friendly and open-source software for peacebuilders.

JustPeace Labs addresses common peacebuilding challenges, including time, capacity, and resource constraints, by offering peacebuilders an online development platform for creating targeted mobile applications.

Capacity-building. We facilitate broad use and adoption of technological tools by providing capacity building to local peacebuilding stakeholders. Specifically, JustPeace trains local peacebuilders on incorporating technology into peacebuilding work, designing and deploying mobile phone applications and other software solutions and relevant legal, security, privacy and ethical considerations.

Research. We offer research and advice on technology, peacebuilding, international justice, transparency, economic development, ethical investment in post-conflict countries and related laws and policies.

Technical assistance. We provide advice and assistance on developing and applying technology in peacebuilding contexts. We work together with peacebuilding organizations to customize tools, analyze data and develop tech-related strategies.