Ethics and Security

Peacebuilding programs are increasingly turning to technology to connect with and assist local communities in post-conflict and other complex contexts. Private companies are rapidly expanding into new complex markets that are experiencing conflict.

It is widely acknowledged that although technology provides great promise in peacebuilding, there are also significant risks and ethical considerations that must be taken into account before using technology in these contexts.

We want to make it easy for civil society, corporations, and donors to get it right.

So we’re developing a suite of tools and guidelines. Something that peacebuilding practitioners can turn to when planning and executing programs involving technology, that software programmers can rely on when tackling complex coding challenges, that private corporations can utilize when operating in complex contexts, and that funders can turn to when deciding how to fund peacetech work.

This is why we are developing a core set of practical guidelines for peacetech:

  1. Ethical Guidelines for PeaceTech
  2. Ethical ICT Business Practices for Complex Markets
  3. Ethical Guidelines for Funding PeaceTech Projects
  4. Ethical Coding for PeaceTech Programmers

Together, we hope that this comprehensive set of guidelines will help promote the ethical use of ICT in post-conflict contexts.